Other Services

These other services complement our visiting services so well, that it simply is the icing on the cake.

It is why so many estate agents outsource their entire property marketing to us. As a one stop shop, they know it makes commercial sense. We believe you will soon come to the same conclusion.

Photo Retouching

Let us transform your property photos!
Before After
Before After

We provide a complete range of photo editing services required to enhance your property images. Send us your photos and we will remove any imperfections like cars on the drive, dustbins in front of the house, clutter in rooms, and adding blue sky.

You will be amazed at what we can do with your property images.

Property Description

This task is a very time consuming and tedious for a negotiator in a high street or an online estate agency to accomplish when time is of the essence. There are listings to conclude, viewings to arrange, photographs to be taken and an EPC to finalise. All these mundane chores can be outsourced to us www.houseviz.com at a fraction of the cost it would normally be for an employee.

When we visit we complete a very thorough questionnaire tick sheet to fully understand the features of the property. From this and along with the floor plan and the photographs we compile the property description which is made up of 2 parts, key features and property details.

The key features section is the opportunity to tell potential tenants about the key selling points of your property. The property details section allows you to go in to more depth about the property and describe it in more detail.

While we are at the property to take the wide angle photographs, the floor plans, EPC and the virtual tours, simply add this instruction in our Online Booking System. It is so simple and yet, so cost effective.

Below is an example of the document checklist which we employ:

Document Signing Services

Do you need documents or contracts to be signed or witnessed?

Then let us help by instructing us to visit.

Sketch and Draw Service

We pride ourselves on speed. We always aim to get your floor plan delivered back to you within 24 hours.

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Lw prices, from just £4.50+VAT
  • Any flavour or colour
  • With or without furniture
  • With or without logo/watermark
  • To scale if required
  • With or without measurements

Available Options:

2D coloured floor plan
2D black & white floor plan with coloured watermark/logo
2D black & white floor plan with black & white watermark
2D black & white floor plan (floors on separate jpegs)
2D black & white floor plan with furniture
3D floor plan, no furniture (up to 2 floors)
2D coloured floor plan (floors on separate jpegs)
3D floor plan, furnished (up to 2 floors)
2D coloured floor plan with coloured watermark
3D floor plan, unfurnished – 3 floors
Coloured floor plan with furniture