About Houseviz

Selling homes made easy.With Houseviz, we can help you sell homes easier and faster, irrespective of where they are geographically in the UK.

From photographers and floor plan CAD designers to energy assessors, we have it all covered for you to bring everything you need under a single roof and make your life a little bit easier.

Who we are?

Established as a PropTech a few years ago, Houseviz started its journey with excellent 360-degree photography services, which has now become our legacy. Over the years, we have expanded to include wide angle photography, visiting services to include floor plans of various flavours, EPC’s and almost every service that our clients need to sell, buy or rent properties. With a client management team at head-office together with a regional network of photographers, floor plan designers and energy assessors, we can reach you quickly, irrespective of the property location. From taking your calls and fixing appointments via our innovative Online Booking System, to creating your e-brochures, floor plans and editing your property descriptions, we do all these and everything in between. Driven by our passion and creativity to bring the best service your way, our talented team ensures you get value for money.

Driven by modern technology, the platform of Houseviz is created from years of experience within the property market, from continual discussions with existing estate agents to helping support real estate agents throughout the UK.

Our Photographers

We don’t just create photography software. Rather, we are the photographers who know what it takes to create real-life still and 360-degree VR enabled solutions by using proven methods and reliable camera equipment. 

Estate Agents

The core focus of Houseviz is on real estate agents in the UK. With each instruction you give us, you will find an integrated property marketing solution with proven efficiency, designed to give your brand and your vendor’s property maximum exposure, encourage unmatched engagement and finally, help you close your property’s sale. 


We are dedicated to leverage modern technology to provide you with exceptional experiences. Everything from our Visiting Services Online Booking System, to downloading and uploading media, to user-friendly features that emphasize our todays’ core company vision. 

Immersive Property Marketing Solutions

Walk through real-life properties with unmatched clarity, allowing easy access to explore the outdoors and indoors. 


One of our key strengths is that we have 450 field workers and this number is growing. We are therefore local to everywhere and our widespread network of photographers, floorplan CAD technicians and energy assessors are just 20 miles from 97% of the UK.

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I am delighted with your success story. You specialise in 360-degree imaging using a digital camera and have already identified how property agents find this technology very useful. You can also see potential for holiday companies to display the various resorts and hotels they are offering

Your technology is available to license by professional photographers The product you have is a great idea and I see a tremendous opportunity for it in the markets and sectors you have already identified

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