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Property Appraisals and Valuations

Both terms mean a valuation of property, by the estimate of an authorized person with an agreement after discussion with the vendor.

We provide this service mainly to our Online Estate Agent but times are changing and this very effective and successful service is now being used by the high street hybrid agent too. We use any number of valuation methods to determine the appropriate value of the property, including the current market value of similar properties, location, and quality of the property and valuation models.

Times are changing in this property sector, where margins are being eroded, staff attrition is high, the job of the branch negotiator is changing, the requirements of the vendor are becoming more technical and this is where we step in.

It’s because of our all-inclusive services to the estate agent fraternity, our experience, our UK coverage, our low fee structure, our service level agreement, our timely execution of the instruction, that we are becoming the service provider of choice to carry out these all important listing service.