Immersive Property Virtual Tours

Create extraordinary experiences and content – Cutting-edge technologies like virtual and augmented reality can add whole new dimensions to experiential estate agency marketing.

360 degree photography is a thing these days.

Increasingly you’ll see photos on places like Facebook that enable you to pan and zoom around to explore. You can then combine these spherical photos to create clickable “walkthroughs”. It’s even then possible to view these walkthroughs in a 3D Virtual Reality headset like Google Cardboard

Here's an example immersive virtual tour

Our team has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in creative tech and we’ll open your eyes to whole new ways to amaze potential buyers and win instructions. We’ll help you understand the best and latest tech to help you differentiate from others, and devise clever content to maximise your potential. Because when it comes to tech, we’ve got it ticked.

Why immersive technologies are a great choice – Used smartly, creative technologies can result in extraordinary experiences and brilliant campaign content to share.  Be open-minded to new possibilities. Think outside the box to stand out from your competitors. Integrate relevant technology into the heart of your property sales campaign. Make it easy for people to share their amazement.

Feel And Customize  The Space

Not only will your prospects be able to walk through every single one of your floorplans, they will also have the power to customize it at their fingertips. They can change colours, finishes, views, furniture, and even the lighting – all instantaneously applied at the push of a button.

Increase Buyer Confidence

“I just can’t picture it” will no longer be in your prospects vocabulary. Empowering your customers with a visual and immersive experience will make sure that they see and understand exactly what they are buying, allowing them to make decisions with certainty and confidence.

Sell More, Faster

Time is money. The sooner your properties are sold, the more money in your company’s bank account. With the distractions of uncertainty removed, your customers will be able to focus at the golden question at hand. Turning those “no’s” and “maybes” to a “SOLD!”

Augmented Reality Services for Estate Agents

The first 200 Estate Agents to benefit from our Introductory Special Partnership Package

What’s this AR everyone is getting excited about?

Also known as ‘Augmented Reality’, AR is a huge leap forward in technology with huge benefits to those in the business of property selling and is the perfect solution to increasing property sales and generating interest in properties for sale. Ideal for potential buyers who struggle to see beyond an empty shell of a room, by using AR and a smartphone or tablet, you can point the camera at an empty room and the screen will show them how the room would look complete with furniture, without a removal van in sight – clever eh? You can also create an experience so that a potential buyer can retrieve property information on the screen of their smartphone whilst they are looking at your window display or viewing a printed brochure!

So what is this sorcery?

Well, digitally rendered images are superimposed onto the surroundings in which we stand, providing a platform of virtual reality and the illusion that the surroundings have been transformed. Using an app and placing a marker in the real-world room, the smartphone camera is pointed at the marker, allowing the software to create a virtual image layer on the screen, giving the illusion that the object or information is in the room. 

Only recently has this incredible technology been made available to smartphones and we’re delighted to be the only UK provider of augmented reality. 

We’re constantly evolving with technology

To be head and shoulders above our competitors, we’re constantly researching new and improved products, services and technology that would be beneficial to our clients. As soon as we discovered the features of AR technology, we simply knew we had to be the first to introduce it to the property selling market and to give our clients, top performing estate agents like you, the best tools for increasing sales. 

Smartphones are on the increase, with almost every back pocket and handbag containing one. What’s more, every new model and upgrade brings a better level of processing so the likelihood is that many potential buyers will have a mobile phone with the capability to use the AR software.

Another key point is that apps are the new way to kill time, whether you’re waiting for public transport or scrolling during your lunch hour. Once a potential buyer has downloaded the AR app, it’s highly likely they’ll continue to use it when a new code appears, making it a new marketing channel that they are much more receptive to as opposed to traditional marketing methods.

So how can an Estate Agent benefit?

The great news is, AR goes hand in hand with floorplans, virtual tours, wide angle photography and virtual reality. By using digital content created from a property brochure, newspaper, window display, magazine or any printed form, you’ll be able to provide your vendors with accurate reports of who is looking at their property details – something you can’t do from a newspaper advert or printed leaflet. Overall, AR gives you a new selling tool with a new angle and way more information at your fingertips, in short, you’ll be completely different to your competitors.

Importantly, we can set up this new tool for you quickly and, for an affordable price, you’ll be able to offer these benefits to your clients in no time, allowing you to boost your profits almost overnight.

Okay, I love this, what does the potential buyer get then?

If you’re a potential buyer, scouring the newspapers, magazines and window displays of estate agents for that perfect property, you don’t have to wait until you’re able to visit a website to find further information about the property – you can simply point your smartphone at the picture of the property you like and all the information appears immediately on the screen.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at this video

Right, I’m sold, I want to be one of the first 200 Agent Partners, how much is it?

This opportunity is only available to agents that has a vision and wants to incorporate the latest technology into their selling technique to get a huge influx of interest and sales. If this sounds like you and if you’re within the first 200 applicants, there is a one-off investment fee of just £100 +VAT and a charge of £2 per property thereafter.

Should you apply after the first 200 applicants, there is a higher investment fee, available upon request.