How Virtual Reality Benefits Estate Agents

October 28, 2016

Estate Agents are fastly catching onto the power of Virtual Reality and what it can offer both themselves as a business, and their clients as both sellers and buyers. For those in the industry wondering how Virtual Reality benefits Estate Agents; it is being used as a cost effective marketing tool, it is successfully turning clients into customers, as well as increasing customer satisfaction, to name but a few. It has the ability to merge with detailed floor plans, and provide an interactive experience to all. No wonder many Estate Agents are already on board with this.

Use Virtual Reality to attract potential buyers.

Use VR to stay one step ahead of your competitors and pull in new clients to your Estate Agent business. When people see you offering Virtual Reality property viewing services, it will be a major pull to those looking for a first class Estate Agent. Offering such VR services will not only increase your client attraction rate, but also your client satisfaction, as well as spreading of the word by mouth.

Use Virtual Reality to offer clients a different kind of property viewing.

By offering Virtual Reality property tours and viewings, you will not only harness the imagination and the visual inspiration of clients, but also their emotional response to viewing as if they were really there. This is something that you just don’t get when viewing photos on a website or brochure. Walls and furniture can be moved, and on the whole VR can give a whole new perspective on viewing property. A highly accurate and detailed view can be gleaned from such VR viewings, and time can be taken to check whatever aspects are necessary again and again without the need to rebook or travel.

High-end property buyers will positively react to Virtual Reality.

While it might not be the traditional way of viewing Million Pound properties, the fact that it can cut out travel and time constraints will be seen as a massive advantage. If you already deal in high end properties, or wish to attract those kind of clients, then Virtual Reality is something that should be adopted. Overseas clients will be more likely to shop around with you, and you will build a reputation for accommodating such customers.

Sell off-plan properties with ease.

Many Estate Agents can find selling off-plan development properties difficult, especially when the customer just simply cannot envisage what the outcome will look like. Estate Agents using Virtual Reality software to show customers properties off-plan, may very well find it a whole lot easier to convert those viewers into customers and property sales.

On the whole, Virtual Reality makes the job of an Estate Agent that bit easier. Virtual Reality is already paving the way forward for property viewing, and there are great success stories out there from those who have utilised it. Estate Agents who embrace the new technology are likely to reap many benefits in their business, from a higher conversion of viewers to sales, to a better reputation and more talked about business.