How estate agents can improve their bottom line by embracing an outsourcing ethos

September 15, 2017

Rather than wasting time on everyday tasks, many savvy agents have chosen to contract out things such as viewings, while they focus on the more lucrative aspects of estate agency life. And, with estate agents expected to do more with less, the appeal of outsourcing is only getting stronger.

Of course, if you want to let senior employees concentrate on generating business and sales you could hire a junior to look after more routine jobs. But, while the basic hourly rate of a permanent member of staff might seem cheaper, when you take training, sick pay, holiday cover, pension contributions, and National Insurance into consideration, outsourcing is actually more cost-effective.

Here are just some of the ways that outsourcing can boost your bottom line.

Protect your reputation

You’ve decided to send a junior to look after your viewings or market your properties online. But have you considered the risk to your reputation should they not have the necessary skills? An established property marketing partner won’t just save you time – they’ll also bring a plethora of talent and experience to the table. So your hard earned name is in safe hands. And, in a world driven by evolving customer expectations, the value of a good reputation can’t be underestimated.

Capitalise on new trends and technology

With the pace of technological advancements showing no sign of slowing down, engaging an outsourcing partner could be the only way for smaller estate agencies to keep up with current and emerging marketing tools and trends. For example, Houseviz is helping estate agents to take advantage of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology, with an affordable pricing model that pays for itself by generating new sellers and sales.

Keep up with the competition
Today’s property market is getting increasingly competitive. Helping you to keep up with the rest, embracing an outsourcing ethos could help to ensure your long-term survival.

But more than this, by partnering with a trusted expert, smaller estate agents will benefit from a more agile approach – without any investment or risk – so rather than just surviving, outsourcing could help you to thrive.

Remove the hassle from your shoulders

It doesn’t make sense for you to waste your time showing a plethora of viewers around every property. Even the most talented agent isn’t going to talk a prospective buyer into making an offer if they’ve decided the home isn’t for them. Likewise, property marketing is now a multifaceted process which involves a whole plethora of tasks, from online listings to floor plans and virtual tours. So it can be challenging to find the time to fit everything in. The best outsourcing partners will look after everything for you. So you can get on with the important business of closing and winning instructions.

As we start to look forward to 2018, the value of property marketing outsourcing is catching on. And, with time the one thing none of us has in excess, the question when it comes to property marketing outsourcing isn’t “can we afford to?”, but “can we afford not to?”