Get your properties noticed with virtual staging

November 12, 2018

In a competitive marketplace, estate agents must do everything they can to get their properties noticed. It can take less than a minute for prospective buyers to make up their minds about a home. And today, this usually happens online. So your properties must impress.

But all too often, homes aren’t as attractive as they could be. And sellers aren’t always willing or able to invest the time and resources necessary to make them more desirable. 

In response, estate agents must think smarter if they want to attract buyers (and therefore good quality homes). And this requires exceptional photographs.

But, making space in an already packed schedule to create striking pictures that are sure to generate viewings can be challenging. What’s more, all too often agents are put off by the cost of creating impactful images. Despite the fact that without these, many homes linger on the market for much longer than necessary.

So, how can agents create optimal photography, quickly, and at a price they can afford?

The good news is that help is at hand. With virtual staging able to make property listings stand out from the competition.

How does virtual staging work?

Put simply, virtual staging helps to enhance digital photos by using graphics software to add furniture into an image. Pretty much anything can be added from wall art to flowers, rugs and sofas. So you can change uninspiring spaces into fully-furnished aspirational homes.

Of course, when it comes to empty rooms, the benefits are clear. Virtual staging can help to show off the available space in a property as well as making homes appear welcoming and desirable rather than cold and empty. It also allows buyers to visualise a vacant home with their furniture in it.

But virtual staging can also add value to lived-in spaces by making rooms look more appealing. And, it’s not just about adding to a photograph. Virtual staging can also be used to remove personal elements from a home and make it look more stylish.

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Does virtual staging help to sell homes faster?

By making homes look more attractive online, the idea is that you’ll increase the number of potential buyers that come through the front door. And that by increasing buyer interest, you’ll stimulate competition and help to sell properties faster.

What’s more this clever marketing tool appears to be working. Commonly used in the USA, a survey by the National Association of Realtors has found that a majority of real estate professionals believe staging increases the sale price of a home anywhere from 1 to 15%.

Can you afford virtual staging?

Yes! Virtual staging is significantly cheaper than employing a pro-photographer. As a matter of fact, at Houseviz, we are proud to offer agents the best UK price at just £19 per photo. In comparison, the cost of physically staging a room can run to hundreds of pounds.

Delivering the peace of mind that you’ll get photos of the highest standards and freeing you up to get on with the more lucrative aspects of estate agency work such as winning instructions and closing sales, smart agents now see virtual staging as an investment, not a cost.

Frustrating sellers with images that don’t do their homes justice is a bad idea. But by using Houseviz to present your properties to their best effect, we’ll help you to maximise the chances of a quick sale and keep everyone happy.

At the same time, we make sure that the photos we create don’t look radically different from the real home. The last thing you want is claims of false advertising and images that seem so different you end up wasting your time on viewings that are never going to turn into a sale! There is a balance to be struck, and because of experience in property marketing, we know how to find it.

When you’re in the business of selling homes, making sure you do everything in your power to enhance their appeal and decrease time on the market is vital. If you want your properties to create a stunning first impression, high-quality images are a must.