Estate agents who outsource their viewing services will have best chance of success in 2017

November 29, 2016

One of the most significant business trends in 2017 is likely to be outsourcing. And, with estate agents increasingly expected to do more with less, this makes sense. Just think about it, with time the one thing none of us has in excess, why would you waste yours on mundane and unproductive tasks, when you could be getting on with the more important and lucrative aspects of estate agency instead?

It’s no wonder, therefore, that the value of property marketing outsourcing is catching on. With more and more estate agents looking to partner with a tried and trusted expert to ensure that their marketing efforts deliver. Indeed, with the speed of technological advancements showing no sign of slowing down, engaging with a property marketing expert could be the only way for your estate agency business to keep up with current and emerging marketing best-practices and tools; and ensure your long-term survival.

At Houseviz, we predict that viewing services, in particular, will see a significant increase in uptake over the next 12 months and beyond; as estate agents attempt to maximise their resources and achieve bang for buck in an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace.

How can outsourced viewing services benefit estate agents? 

We all know that buying a property is an emotional decision as much as a financial one. Even the most talented salesperson isn’t going to talk a prospective buyer into making an offer if they’ve decided the home isn’t for them. With that in mind, it doesn’t make sense for you to waste your time showing a plethora of viewers around each and every property. However, relying on vendors to show people their homes is neither feasible nor recommended; so first and foremost, hiring an expert to look after viewings will free up your valuable time.

Of course, you could hire a junior member of staff to do this, and let your more senior employees concentrate on generating business and sales. But in a volatile and seasonal market, outsourcing is more cost-effective than employing someone to perform these tasks. Especially when you take training, sick pay, holiday cover, pension contributions, and National Insurance into consideration. Equally important is the risk to reputations should the person doing the viewings not have the necessary skills. 

But more than this, outsourcing also makes financial sense; removing the hassle from the shoulders of estate agents and letting you get on with the important business of closing and winning instructions. So, in 2017, the question estate agents should be asking themselves when it comes to property marketing outsourcing isn’t “can we afford to?”, but “can we afford not to?” 

Trust Houseviz to manage your viewings

An established property marketing business, Houseviz has 450 professional, affordable, viewing assistants across the UK; ready to save you lots of time, effort, and energy. While generating significant costs savings.

You can book one of our professional experts to accompany any prospective buyers on your behalf via our Online Booking System, and then leave the rest to us. We’ll then manage the complete process to suit the potential buyer. 

Find out more about our viewing services, and the complete range of property marketing support we provide, and give your estate agency the best chance of success in 2017 and beyond.