Bringing together print and digital through Augmented Reality

November 3, 2016

It’s no surprise that people are getting less patient when waiting for information thanks to a world of information being available at our fingertips – quite literally now that we have mini computers constantly with us in the form of our smartphones.

As an estate agent, vendors are asking for reports about how many people have viewed the property, but how can you know which properties in the shop window are getting the attention if they don’t come inside to enquire? How do you know if a potential buyer almost responded to the newspaper advert but then didn’t? If only there was a way to provide instant property information such as nearby schools, local motorway links or virtual tours through a small newspaper advert or a shop window display – now you can!

That’s right, it’s not fantasy, it’s not an estate agent’s dream, it’s reality – of the augmented kind.

You can now provide much loved printed information in the form of brochures, handouts and window adverts to potential buyers with added call to action buttons that appear on their mobile phone when they use the free AR app. 

Your printed brochures no longer need to be crammed with information, your design can be clean, sleek and minimal – with an instruction to download a free app to their smartphone. With a couple of taps on the screen, your printed information will burst with information and, even better, you can analyse how many people are using the app, which properties they’re interested in and you can provide accurate reports to your vendors. 

From a buyer perspective, you can walk into an estate agency after spotting something you like in the window, take a printed brochure home and download the free app to point at the brochure which will bring up all the information you’re interested in without having to search the internet for it. If you want to arrange a viewing, you can do it right through the app. If you want to save your favourite properties to compare later, you can do it! 

Now it’s possible to take the best features of printed information and fuse them together with the convenience of digital, instant information and action. 

Thanks to augmented reality, property selling can make the most of the latest technologies. Visit our page [insert link] to find out how you can start using it!