Are your properties market ready?

December 6, 2016

First impressions count. So much so that it only takes minutes for a prospective buyer to make up their mind about a house or flat; with many making a decision before they’ve even walked through the front door.

In fact, according to reports, home hunters spend an average of just over 25 minutes viewing a property before deciding whether or not to put an offer in; that’s less than an episode of Location, Location, Location! 

What’s more, in today’s digital age, the majority of those in the market for a new home won’t even get that far if a property doesn’t stand out online. 

At Houseviz, our photographers know what it takes to create striking photograph that will generate viewings. And, helping to make sure your properties are dressed to impress, our team of property marketing experts have pulled together their top tips to help your vendors prepare their homes for sale. 

  1. Keep it clean. Images look much better when rooms are clean, so clear out the clutter, polish those shiny surfaces, and vacuum the floors! 
  2. De-clutter. Pet items such as beds, food bowls, and litter boxes should definitely be kept out of sight in any photographs. And, you’d be surprised how much better your hardwood flooring will look in pictures without rugs. Viewers need to imagine themselves living in a property, and too much personal belongings can make it difficult for them to do this; so put away those photographs of family and friends.
  3. Maximise space. Put anything that’s not needed in storage (such as furniture and other bits and bobs). A room with a lot of things in it can appear smaller than it is. 
  4. Light it up! Check that all light bulbs are working and turn on all the lights. The pictures will look much better and the rooms much brighter and spacious with the lights on. 
  5. Dress your rooms. Yes, we know we said to get rid of unnecessary clutter, but fresh flowers, candles, and bowls of fruit can help to create a welcoming and airy first impression. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s our room-by-room guide to make your properties look photogenic: 


  • Remove refrigerator magnets and postcards
  • Hide any unnecessary appliances and those unruly appliance cords 
  • Hide all cleaning products 
  • Keep surfaces clean and clear 
  • Put all dishes away. Although beautiful glassware and crockery placed on display in stylish open shelving is okay! 
  • Dress the room with fresh fruit and put candles and flowers on the kitchen table.

Living Room 

  • Put away TV remotes, newspapers, mail etc. 
  • Showcase matching pillows on the sofa/chairs and plump them up!
  • Prepare the fireplace so that it looks welcoming and clutter free
  • Light candles and lamps for a nice ambience 
  • Tidy any bookshelves
  • Hide any unnecessary personal possessions such as photographs and ornaments 
  • Remove any rugs that might have seen better days if you have beautiful hardwood flooring to show off. 


  • Dress the bed with a stylish bedspread
  • Add some plump pillows and a nice throw to add extra warmth and comfort to a room (but don’t go overboard!)
  • Remove any clothing, including behind the doors
  • Put away toys in children’s’ bedrooms 
  • Switch on any lights and bedside lamps to add warmth to the photographs 
  • Hide any unnecessary personal possessions such as photographs and ornaments.


  • Clear away all toiletries
  • Hide any cleaning products 
  • Keep surfaces clean and clear 
  • Showcase clean towels in matching colours
  • Put away the toilet brush, laundry basket, and dustbin
  • Make sure the shower curtain is neat and tidy 
  • Make sure the toilet seat is down 
  • Dress larger bathrooms with candles and fresh flowers/plants


  • Put away jackets, boots, shoes, umbrellas, and anything else to make the space appear larger
  • Switch on any lights to add warmth to the photographs 
  • Remove any rugs if you have beautiful hardwood or marble flooring to show off
  • Dress hallway tables with fresh flowers/plants and candles 


  • Keep toys, hoses, and other gardening equipment out of sight
  • Remove any dustbins 
  • Park the car somewhere else when the photographs are being taken
  • Make sure any garden space is neat and tidy with a freshly mowed lawn and a trimmed hedge
  • Dress the entrance to the property with some potted plants where space allows it
  • Give any gates that are starting to look a bit worse for wear a good lick of paint 
  • Put any outdoor furniture in its place. 

By arming estate agents with the advice vendors need to add that all-important “wow factor”; we help our clients to maximise the chances of a quick sale, and encourage buyers to stretch their budgets towards the asking price. 

However, we can also help to rescue the situation where things have gone wrong, with a range of photo editing services that will enhance your property images. As well as removing any imperfections like cars on the drive, dustbins in front of the house, or clutter in the rooms, we can even add blue sky! 

To find out more about HouseViz and the complete range of property marketing services we supply – from visiting services to the very latest in 360 immersive experiences – contact us today.